Digital Storytelling in the K-4 Classroom, Rachel Vartanian


Reinvent the age-old art of storytelling in your classrooms with digital stories! Storytelling has been used throughout history and across cultures to share knowledge and traditions. Digital stories add a 21st century spin on this old art form while also enhancing the learning experience for students. In this session you’ll learn about ways digital stories can be used across curricular areas and with a multitude of learners using the program, Photo Story 3.


Rachel Vartanian and Faith Cole

Skill level:

  • All

Grade level:

  • PreK-2
  • 3-5

Capacity or ratio: 25

Tech tools:

Dell Laptops with Photo Story software

District goals and initiatives included:

  • NETS T - Start here.
  • 21st Century Learning
  • RtI (including classroom management)
  • One computer classroom
  • Literacy
  • Internet Safety

Session Goal:

Teachers will learn how and why to use digital storytelling as a teaching and learning tool, and will use Photo Story to create their own digital story.

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How to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom
An interesting article for beginners, highlighting some of the important parts of the process, including highlighting students' work, which is often forgotten

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
Download the Digital E-Book for information about the value of digital storytelling, tools for telling a story, ways to organize digital storytelling projects, and sample projects and ideas.
Also, watch the video called "Using Photo Story in Class" to hear an account from one teacher who uses it with her students.

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
(University of Houston)

A comprehensive website with tons of information. Check out the "Essentials" page.

Center for Digital Storytelling
Check out the Education Case Studies.

Instructions for Photo Story:
Atomic Learning Videos
Photo Story Instructions by Microsoft


Project Planner for a Whole Class Photo Story


First Grade Animal Research Project

Fifth Grade Digital Timeline Project