Finding the perfect books for students based on interests, lexiles and content levels - Kathy Rolfes and Laurie Conley

Description: Choosing books through Choosing books through Novelist available online through the Oak Park Library, etc.

Skill level:
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Grade level:
  • All

Capacity or ratio: 25

Tech tools: Novelist,, Oak Park Public Library website, Scholastic.

District goals and initiatives included:
  • NETS T - Start here.
  • 21st Century Learning
  • RtI (including classroom management)
  • One computer classroom
  • Literacy
  • Compacting the crowded plate
  • Internet Safety

Session goal: Teachers will be able to make appropriate recommendations for books using a variety of resources.

Link to presentation:


Presenter bio: Kathy Rolfes is the Teacher-Librarian at Mann Elementary and Laurie Conley is the Teacher-Librarian at Whittier Elementary.

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