Making Your Blog Work for You!

~Presented by Adrienne Court, Kate Whitley, and Sheila Vietzen~

A blog is a great tool for teachers who want to be able to keep parents informed about upcoming and events and show them the amazing things going on in the classroom. Learn how to use blogs for communication, to publish student work, or use them as a tool for student learning. Learn about Internet Safety and how to open up your classroom 24/7.


Session Information:

Title of Session: Making Your Blog Work for You

Presenters: Adrienne Court, Kate Whitley, Sheila Vietzen

Skill level:
  • All

Grade level:
  • All

Capacity or ratio: 3:15

Tech tools:

District goals and initiatives included:
  • NETS T
  • 21st Century Learning
  • RtI (including classroom management)
  • One computer classroom
  • Literacy
  • Compacting the crowded plate
  • Internet Safety

Session goal: A blog is special to each teacher and each classroom. The goal of this session is to help each teacher set up a blog that will work for them.

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Samples: Please click here to see samples from our digital leaders

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