More Web 2.0 Tools! Burke Hatch (Session 2 repeated in Session 3)

Session Information:

Title of Session: More Web 2.0 Tools!

Presenters: Burke Hatch

Skill level: Delete what does not apply
  • All

Grade level: Delete what does not apply
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Capacity or ratio:

Tech tools: List all tech used, for approval
Screen, projector in the auditorium, interactive whiteboard (if possible)

District goals and initiatives included:
  • NETS T - Start here.
  • 21st Century Learning
  • RtI (including classroom management)
  • One computer classroom

Session goal: What are you trying to teach and how can technology help you teach it better?
Presenter Burke Hatch will delve more deeply into the topics presented during his keynote talk from Session 1. Interactive, hands-on experience with Web 2.0 tools will be stressed.

Link to presentation: Wiki



Presenter bio:
As a support specialist for Microsoft Operating Systems, Burke honed his ability to make technology-based learning enjoyable. From blogs to wikis and social networking sites, he can help anyone be an author in the new read/write web. with web 2.0, he is excited to teach educators how the communication tools now available are easier to use than ever before.

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