The SandBox will be closing on November 22nd

Use resources wisely:

  • Create a desktop folder of downloaded resources for use during your presentation.
  • Definitely take the time to download your online presentation to your desktop instead of projecting the live version. Your published version, linked to the wiki, will be useful for anyone who wants to review the session or for others who want to explore your teachings
  • It's better not to have participants pull up the online presentation on their laptops only to flip through the pages with you. They can view it on the big screen during the presentation and review it online at another time. Everyone will have a projector.
  • Allow for some slowness.

Backup plan: What will you do if you can't access the Internet?

  • Create a folder of offline resources on your desktop so you can easily find it.
  • Definitely take the time to download your online presentation to your desktop.
  • Take snapshots of samples to share and put them in your presentation, just in case.
  • Think about ways you could use Office instead of GoogleDocs if you can't connect to the internet. (Create docs in Word, then upload later?)
  • Download videos you might want to use.
  • Plan some discussion topics/work goals for participants just in case they cannot efficiently work on the hands-on part of the session. You can always upload ideas/work generated later and publish them on your wiki page.

Pre-Post Assessment:

If you are interested in collecting useful information about your session from your participants, by all means create a Google Form and link it to your wiki page. In addition, it can be quite useful to create a pre and post assessment form to assess whether or not you accomplished your teaching goals during the session.