Institute Day Sessions

Absolutely ready for primetime blogs, Cat Clarke and Harla Hutchinson

Bagging a grade, knowledge, and the web: Using technology as a means to differentiate according to Learning Styles, Ashley Kannan

Conceptua Math: Practice with Fractions, Kevin Anderson and Cindy Anderson

Dell Training, Julie Mullen, Nick Jefferson

Digital Differentiation Engaging struggling students, Sheri Lenzo

Digital Storytelling in the K-4 Classroom, Rachel Vartanian, Faith Cole
Finding the perfect book for students based on interests, lexiles, and content level, Kathy Rolfes and Laurie Conley

Glog On!. Pat Gallo

Lexia -- an Instructional Tool and Intervention, by Lisa Schwartz and Ellyn Gullo

Linking books to kids using the district 97 catalog and lexile and other web applications, Kathryn Rolfes and Laurie Conley

Making Your Blog Work for You, Adrienne Court, Kate Whitley, Sheila Vietzen

More Web 2.0 Tools! Burke Hatch

The Nuts and Bolts of RtI--Response to Intervention--Response to Intervention, Dr. Duane R. Meighan

Podcasting Across the Curriculum, Lorrie Applebey

Publishing guidelines and the blog safety checklist, Cat Clarke and Harla Hutchinson

Reading and RIT bands, RtI, Holmes Staff

Sharing Student Work on the Web with VoiceThread, Lucy Divis

SmartTools, Colin Reynolds

SmartTools Session 3, Colin Reynolds

Using Atomic Learning Projects in Your Class, Deidre Kelleher

Using Digital Storytelling in grades 4-8, Elise Jury

Using Google Docs for Collaboration, Phyllis Frick

Using Technology in the Learning Language Classroom, M. Elvira Colmenero, Katy Hutchinson

Using a wiki to bring textbooks to life! Susan Oxnevad