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-updated 11/5/10

Time line Available
Find it on the Institute Day page.

Deadline: Submit Sessions by November 12th
In order to open up registration on November 14th, the deadline for submitting sessions is the12th. The goal is to have enough sessions so each presenter can present once and then attend a session. Please let me know if you want to kick around some ideas. Better yet, type it into the space below. Choose Edit at the top of the page.

Deadline: Wiki Registration ready to open on November 14th
Before registration can go out, the registration section of this wiki will have to be up and running. Please plan on popping the basic information about your sessions into a registration page template before registration we go live.
  • Title
  • Presenters
  • Description
  • Skill Level
  • Grade Level
  • Bring
  • This is information is included on your own Sessions page. If you haven't been there, please take a look.